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We are evolving.
Building on our experience and growth
opportunity, 2015 sees us into a new phase.




We didn’t fabricate our name out of thin air. We wanted a brand that would speak for itself.

UNIKC is an entity that remains unchanged in character, held together by Kevin’s experience, knowledge and integrity.
Our approach to business is unique to you. Wherever you are, whatever your business, our universal resources connects you with exclusive sourcing opportunities, sound consulting advice and unlimited investment opportunities.

There are no boundaries. That’s UNIKC. We think that’s a great metaphor for what we do.

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Let your products reach far
and wide with us, exclusively.

We’re an international sourcing company, seeking new and established brands in Asia that appeals to the Australian and New Zealand markets. We also exclusively export Australian brands to the growing Asia market.

Importing, exporting and distributing through us means we operate in an exclusive relationship. We partner directly with manufacturers and retailers so that your products reach far and wide through our channels.

Our Success Story…

BAWANG is one of the largest and successful manufacturer of Chinese herbal shampoo in China with over 50% of the local market share. It is also a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Our exclusive importer and distributor partnership has enabled BAWANG to launch its products into the first western markets, expanding its strong brand outside of Asia. The result means increasing brand awareness, confirmation of sound product quality and build the foundation for BAWANG in future international expansion.

All this was made possible through our unique business management system, our strong distribution networks and in-depth local market knowledge.

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Excel your business.
Better still, start one here.

Helping clients evolve and grow their own capabilities, that’s where we fit in. If you’re looking to expand or start a business in Asia or in the Australian and New Zealand markets, our local market knowledge, network and experience can help you stand on your feet.

We work with you on strategy formulation, execution, business planning and operating model designs, as well as providing sales and marketing advice based on our market intelligence.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, we’ll work with you to realise those potentials. We’ll support you in your business transformations by providing management consulting expertise. We’ll execute your project to deliver the required business outcomes.

We know it’s not easy running a business, no matter how big or small. Whether you need board or senior level consulting advice, or management of your business and IT projects, our bespoke consulting services can help you build and excel your business.

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Sustaining business growth

The group’s capital is reinvested into reliable resources such as property, managed funds, equity or joint venture businesses. This ensures our group generates a healthy growth income from a diverse investment portfolio.

With that in mind, we are interested in forming new business partnerships to sustain a healthy business growth.

Moving from clients to being business partners —that’s where we see a unique collaborative potential.


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